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Wells for India, Rajasthan

Project Description: 

Meal-a-Day provides support for for two projects in the Rajasthan region of India.

The first project,  Kotda 2, is in its fifth and final year and focuses on the redevelopment of several existing wells and trained staff involved in water harvesting. The wider project run by local partner, Wells for India, covers seven villages in the remote region of southern Rajasthan. In a recent report, there were 1,121 households with a population of 5,651 – however over 70% of families live in conditions below the poverty line.

Safe, accessible drinking water for people and livestock is being provided through well replenishment and construction, rainwater harvesting and education about sanitation and hygiene. Improved farming practices are being encouraged through the establishment of sustainable irrigation systems, the promotion of water saving devices and educating people about ways to increase farm productivity by working in harmony with the land. Local communities are involved in the projects through committees and self-help groups.

The long-term goal is to develop and increase food and fodder production and increase the capacity of people to generate a livelihood. The project approach is holistic, emphasising the social as well as the technical aspects of development.


The second project, PKS Charasada, is focused on providing water harvesting systems for families in the form of 120 roof rainwater harvesting tanks - to increase the availability and accessibility of drinking water.  This has come about as the villages in the Sambhar Salt Lakes area face a challenge of the decreasing availability of drinkable water. The repeated failure of the monsoon led the government to declare, in 2009, an 80% drought. Recurrent droughts have compounded the high salinity and fluoride levels in the region's ground water. The water is undrinkable for humans and cattle, and of no use for irrigation.

The project design reflects the urgent need to address the problem of drinking water availability. Other challenges - such as water for agricultural use - we hope will be addressed in future projects. The project will use locally sourced marterial that can be easily renewed each year. One storage tank will be able to meet a family's needs for 6 months.


Project Type: 
Duration From: 
Duration To: 
Target Budget: 
$A10 000.00
Benefits so far: 

Kotda 2 - In the overall project, 12 wells have been repaired so far out of a planned 65. 3000 people in 500 families have increased access to a safe and reliable drinking water source as a result. In Padlai village, a check weir has retained moisture in the soil, allowing villagers to plant a mustard crop. Two further check weirs have been built and 15 to 20 families are benefiting from these.

As part of this overall project, Meal-a-Day has specifically supported the re-development ofa number of existing wells and the salary of a community organiser for water harvesting. Each reconditioned well provides water to 5 to 8 families. 

For instance, reconditioning a well in Kutamariya village has enabled five families to irrigate six hectares of land for the first time and also harvest a crop of winter wheat and a vegetable crop (rather than just one unreliable summer maize harvest). Unlike other years, they did not have to migrate to the city for work.

PKS Charasada - The project was launched on October 2012. A 21-member Village Development Committee (VDC) has been formed and a survey conducted to identify those who most urgently need project help.

The first of the roof rainwater harvesting tanks have been installed, with a widow in the village being one of the first to benefit. Choti Devi and her son, Mavaram, look forward to drinking and cooking with safe water.

Working in partnership: 

As with all our projects, we work in partnership with communities on the ground and with well-established organizations, which share similar work ethic and objectives to us.

Our partner, Wells for India, is a well-recognized NGO which is dedicated to improving the lives of those in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. They run a range of programs that focus on education, health-care, sanitation, livelihoods and natural resources management for the less fortunate in society.

Similar to a number of our partner organizations, the UK Meal-a-Day Fund had developed a longer-term partnership with Wells for India. Based on the successful outcomes they had witnessed, the UK team were pleased to recommend Wells for India to Asia-Pacific Meal-a-Day to continue the partnership from a local region perspective.

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