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Our Project Funding Principles

When considering new projects and/or enhancements to existing projects we base our decision-making on the following principles:

  • Given the increasing number of project proposals we receive, preference will be given to those that come with strong recommendations from existing partner organisations and/or our Meal-a-Day network
  • The project must respond to at least one of these key areas of support, with the focus on sustainable development (i.e. not simply welfare assistance):
      • Food and nutrition
      • Water and sanitation
      • Agriculture
      • Education
      • Healthcare and medical aid
  • Directly benefit fragile and poor societies
  • Be sensitive to local culture and appreciate the context of the difficulties it is seeking to overcome 
  • The project must be willing to have CMaD representatives make on-site visits; these offer a great opportunity to strengthen community partnerships, meet the Fund beneficiaries, review project progress and potentially identify other development opportunities too 
  • Donations must be specifically acknowledged as being from the Christadelphian Meal-a-Day Fund (for financial auditing purposes) and publicity to demonstrate Australian-based support
  • Regular feedback on the progress of the project is required, to ensure it is delivering its intended benefits and outcomes.

Note: Whilst we are acutely aware of and personally respond to emergency and disaster relief situations (e.g. earthquakes), at this stage our primary focus as a charitable Fund is on sustainable development projects, which deliver long-term benefit to communities

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