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MV Foundation, Andhra Pradesh

Project Description: 

The Ranga Reddy District surrounds the metro cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, which together have a population of more than 6.83 million people. Through the effects of globalization, the “concretization of the suburbs” and a real-estate boom, communities have been forced to leave behind agricultural livelihoods and become wage earners in an urban life. The growth of the cities have further degraded the fragile land and reduced the green cover, while a severe loss of ground water has created loss of livelihoods, farmlands & livestock.

Working in partnership with MV Foundation, Meal-a-Day is supporting farmers and landowners through:

  • Technical training on how to prepare nurseries and transplant vegetables
  • Training on organic cultivation and pest management
  • Exposure visits to food festivals and research institutions, where they are taught on how best to get fresh, nutritious vegetables, and the process of carbon sequestration
  • Provision of seeds and vegetables for planting and harvesting.
Project Type: 
Duration From: 
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Target Budget: 
$A3 000.00
Benefits so far: 

In 2011 alone, the support of Meal-a-Day enabled the distribution of 70 kilograms of seed to 750 households in 15 villages. Staff of MV Foundation and two farmers attended the food festival and then later the research institute. This knowledge was then used to teach farmers in a number of villages about nutrition, carbon sequestration and methods of cooking to preserve nutrition. Sixty women were also trained on how to create a vegetable rooftop garden.

Farmers have responded positively to program, learning the skills to create kitchen gardens has improved their own nutritious meals, and saving between 400 and 500 rupees a month. Many have shared the benefits of a kitchen garden with their neighbours and relatives.

Working in partnership: 

As with all our projects, we work in partnership with communities on the ground and with well-established organizations, which share similar work ethic and objectives to us.

This organization, MV Foundation, was recommended to Meal-a-Day Fund by brother Tim Galbraith (ACBM representative, local resident and highly experienced field worker).

The Mamidipudi Venkatarangaiya Foundation, known nationally and internationally as the MV Foundation, was founded in 1981.  Named after Professor Venkatarangaiya, a historian and strong advocate of education, the foundation began as a research institute with an agenda to end child labour and move more children into schools. Since then it has grown to now employ 44 staff and conduct numerous on-the-ground projects in hundreds of villages in the Ranga Reddy district.

With a focus on child education, health and natural resource management, the Foundation has achieved some significant outcomes for those in the rural areas of the district and beyond. Among many others, it:

  • Conducts environment education under the National Green Corps in 50 government schools annually.
  • Successfully established a pilot project for the Government of Andhra Pradesh in Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas (DWCRA). There are about 18,000 women presently involved in the programme.
  • Through its surveying of land, has seen 24,000 acres of unproductive land brought into cultivation. Another 46,000 acres of agriculture land has been successfully protected from being taken over by the government for military projects.
  • Organised 65 farmers’ clubs, funded by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), where training is given on modern technologies in agriculture and also on the various schemes provided by the government.
  • Planted 714,000 tree saplings of fuel wood, bio fuels and agro forestry plant in the project area through community mobilisation.
  • 50 bio-gas plants have been constructed and made operational, 3 solar dryers are operated by 3 women’s groups and 17 women’s groups are using solar lanterns in their villages.

The Foundation works closely with government and other NGOs, and has been called on to provide technical assistance in neighbouring countries. 

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  • Contact our India Project Coordinator, Jamie Holder

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