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About Us

Our Mission

Together with the other Meal-a-Day regional teams and local communities, we seek to:

    • Facilitate self-sufficiency through sustainable 'down-to-earth' projects 
    • Help to overcome the effects of hunger, disease, disability, destitution and homelessness 
    • Promote agriculture, clean water, basic health-care and education 
    • Encourage sharing, learning and service to others. 

The Fund is managed by volunteers who give freely of their time and expertise. This also means our administrative costs are very low, so we are able to deliver around 97% of income directly to fund these community projects.

Why we do what we do

Unfortunately we continue to witness all kinds of suffering and imbalance in the world.  The Christadelphian Meal-a-Day Fund aims to reflect some of God's character, as His Son Jesus Christ did perfectly:

“The Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the blind, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour…”  Jesus Christ - fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah (61v1-3) 700 years earlier

Thankfully the world will not need to continue this way.  There is a profound message of hope in God's word, centred on His Son: Jesus of Nazareth, a man who changed the world like no-one before.  We keenly await his return when the process of perfect change will be completed. 

Origin and Structure of Meal-a-Day

Meal-a-Day started out as a UK-registered charity, established in 1976: A small group of Christadelphians from Tamworth, UK assembled with the aim of addressing the needs of others, especially in the developing world.  Around that time, the US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, made a speech concerning the need to try to provide at least "one meal a day" to every person on earth.  This struck a chord with the founding group and so the Meal-a-Day Fund was born.

For over 30 years, the Fund was centrally managed from the UK.  From 1999, Ian Hyndman became the representative for Meal-a-Day in Australasia and helped raise awareness and funding support for projects in Nepal, Thailand, India, Bougainville and Zambia.

In 2007, recognizing the increasingly international reach of the Fund, the UK Chairman Gordon Dawes initiated a new structure to provide more targeted support across the world so Meal-a-Day now has 3 regions:

    • Europe/Middle East/Africa: Managed by our UK team
    • Asia-Pacific: Managed by our Australian team
    • North & Latin America and the Caribbean: Managed by our Americas team

Management Team

In Asia-Pacific, our Management Team is currently based in across Australia.

Key roles and functional areas include:

    • Chair of the Board - Andrew King
    • Secretary/CEO - Stephen Kenney
    • Treasurer - David Loria
    • Portfolio of projects - David Twine, Jess Lawson, Jacob & Johanna Morgan, Margaret Tawale, Glenn Kennett, Sarah Wallace
    • Fund-raising - Andrew King, Tim & Mel Baird, Margaret Tawale
    • Publicity - currently recruiting; with support from Matt Hill & Ben Palmer
    • Risk Management  & Compliance - Stephen Kenney
    • IT/Web - Matthew Waite
    • Knowledge management - Anne Melles

We also have a generous network of contacts and Ambassadors across Australiasia who are actively involved in promoting the work of Meal-a-Day and assisting with fund-raising and communications in their local areas.  We greatly appreciate all the time, energy and resources that our volunteers dedicate to the service of our neighbouring communities in Asia-Pacific.

In light of the continued growth of Meal-a-Day, as part of our strategy we have refined our governance model and now become a registered Australian charity as a Public Company with limited guarantee.  Whilst offering a number of operational and governance benefits for a growing charity, it is also a valuable pre-requisite for our application to achieve tax deductible status.  Keep an eye on our News page for updates on this process.

As we continue to build our team and continue to support many more community projects across Asia-Pacific, there will be exciting new opportunities to be involved.  Please do get in touch we look forward to work with you!

About Christadelphians

The Christadelphians were originally established over 160 years ago as a group of people united by a common belief in the Bible. The name actually comes from the Greek, meaning ‘brothers and sisters in Christ’.  Now in the 21st Century, we continue to gather together from all walks of life and seek to reflect the faith and character of Jesus Christ and the principles he and his companions exemplified in the first century.  Based in over 120 countries around the world in thousands of local ecclesias (aka churches), we regularly meet for worship, Bible-based studies and enjoy a busy calendar of social, youth and community activities (both local, regional and international) that are open to all.

You may find an apparent characteristic of our community is that we operate without the typical clergy-laity distinction: Based on centuries of study of the holy scriptures we are convinced everyone has opportunity to be involved - in learning and sharing our learning, in developing personal relationships with God and building healthy communities together. Also, for an outline of our faith and beliefs, you may wish to visit

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